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Fragment updates Fragment - Granular, Additive, Spectral, Subtractive, PM Audio-Visual synthesizer to v1.0.3


FSynth/Fragment has updated their Fragment synthesizer to version 1.0.3 which includes subtractive and phase modulation synthesis with Moog type filter, additive synthesis, .WAV export and an improved granular sound engine.

New in Fragment v1.0.3:

  • Subtractive synthesis with Moog type filter, 3 band-limited selectable waveforms: triangle / sawtooth / square.
  • Phase modulation synthesis with Moog type filter.
  • Additive synthesis recording can be exported to .WAV.
  • Increased quality of audio files analysis.
  • Mipmap input filter.
  • Enhanced fullscreen mode editor.
  • Improved granular synthesis engine.
  • Improved stability for long sessions.
  • Improved quickstart guide and help dialog.
  • Fix issues with grains speed, grains envelope, samples loading, recording canvas, distributed synthesis tool.
  • Documentation update.






Discussion: Active
3 January 2018 at 9:10am

OK tried to find a "compatible browser"... and mouse freezed, computer freezed, temporal space around me freezeed, fortunatly i had just the time to depress the RESET hardware button when i saw light rays begining to lighten my room : it was a beginning of a little black hole.

Good new : the black hole has gone 2 second after RESET, so that the planet Earth will still exist. Lost a cup of coffe, having to manage with a pile of smoking dust in the middle of my home-studio room. Probably the matter entered breafly into this nano black-hole.

Well, i hesitate to enter a new session.

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