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Frank Rittberger releases Smidy v2.0

Frank Rittberger

Frank Rittberger has released version 2.0 of his VST 3 plug-in supporting MIDI sequencer/DAW, Smidy, and announced that Smidy free is no longer available.

The new marketing strategy provides a trial version where every feature of Smidy full version can be checked out for 10 trial days. Unlike Smidy free, Smidy trial gives the possibility to check out every function.

Changes/enhancement v2.0:

  • Piano roll: Pen MIDI channel not needed any more. It will now be derived from the track's current MIDI channel.
  • Piano roll: Drum names on keyboard keys.
  • New (track controls-) user knob types: Monophonic and polyphonic aftertouch.
  • Device cabling: Treble, bass and pan knobs added.
  • Device cabling: Maximum volume level widened to 300%.
  • Device cabling bug-fix: Double entries are now prevented.
  • Master level display added to toolbar including overload (clipping) indicator.
  • Device panels: Overload (clipping) indicator added to input and output bus level displays of VST 3 plug-in devices.
  • Plug-in and WaveOn engine buffer-size can now be set project specific.
  • Device manager added for "Make VST 3 plug-in known", "Device settings" and "Delete device".
  • Greatly improved performance of piano roll scrolling during playback.
  • Bug-fix: "Split MIDI channels" now also splits tracks of VST 3 devices which support "pitch names".
  • Defaults added for "MIDI edit function value".
  • VST 3 Downmix improvement: Track controls and MIDI input are now disabled during downmix.
  • Smidy plugIn: VST performance peaks during first sample accesses fixed.
  • Smidy plugIn: Piano samples re-recorded (recording session Cologne 4/1/2016).
  • Smidy plugIn: Improved velocity response.
  • Smidy plugIn: Accordion samples added.

Price: €39.



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