Frank Rittberger

Frank Rittberger has released version 2.5 of his MIDI sequencer Smidy (full version and its small brother "Smidy free!").


  • Smidy free!: Virtual MIDI keyboard, MIDI monitor and INTEGRA-7 support activated/released in Smidy free.
  • Wave files with WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT now supported (reading and creating, 32 and 64-bit).
  • Beside English now also featuring German text anywhere inside Smidy.
  • German translation also concerns musical key names.
  • Wave editor: Changes to WaveOn-files are now considered immediately in main sequence playback (no saving needed).
  • Chunk structure of wave files can be decoded and viewed byte accurate.
  • Smidy full version: Downmix also possible with new WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT.
  • Smidy free!'s limitation to 2 VST 3 plugIns has been changed to a limitation to 2 track output devices.
  • Trial concept by separate "Smidy trial version" for now discontinued. Therefor added several features to "Smidy free!".
  • Different bug fixes for WaveOn-Events.
  • Multiple file selection/file opening possible when calling "open wave file".
  • Wave editor graphics enhanced. Copybuffer (ghost) now shown as green transparent surface. Wave shown with gradient color.
  • Wave editor volume change can now be limited to only left or right channel.
  • Metronome sound when recording MIDI: is now played by MIDI, not by audio samples.
  • The wave files of all WaveOn events in a project can be opened with a single new menu command.


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