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Frank Rittberger updates Smidy to v2.6 (Christmas Edition)

Frank Rittberger

Frank Rittberger has announced that Smidy free! and Smidy have been updated to version 2.6 and include two season-specific demo projects, 'Christmas mix' and 'Silent night', in addition to many bug fixes and program enhancements.


  • Bug-fix: Loading projects one after the other with different resulting 'PlugIn and WaveOn engine' buffersizes could crash Smidy.
  • MIDI edit function 'Move': Movement by factor added (for conversions between different TPQ values).
  • MIDI edit function 'Change notelength': Changes by percentage added.
  • Selections: Menu entries 'Select to top' and 'Select to left' generally added to main menu (beside already provided 'Select to right' and 'Select to bottom').
  • Selections inside main workspace: Autoscroll also added when reaching the left and top corner.
  • Quantize: Anchor point now refers to last meter entry.
  • Piano Roll: Bug-fix: Ghost jumped one key when starting to drag.
  • Piano Roll: Bug-fix: Snapping when moving events, creating events or drawing selections now refers to last meter.
  • Piano Roll: Ghost is now snapping to its beginning instead to the position of the first event.
  • Piano Roll: 'Select to top', 'Select to left', 'Select to right', 'Select to bottom' realized the first time inside Piano Roll.
  • Piano Roll: Autoscroll realized when drawing selections.
  • Program settings: Save question added to cancel case.
  • Device settings: Save question added to cancel case.
  • List editor: Got its own copybuffer the first time. Cut, copy and paste realized.
  • List editor: 'Select to top' and 'Select to bottom' realized the first time inside List editor.
  • List editor: Bug-fix: List editor cursor could vanish suddenly. Fixed.
  • Demo songs: 'Christmas mix' added to VST demo songs, 'Silent night' added to INTEGRA-7 demo songs.


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