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Frank Rittberger updates Smidy to v2.70

Frank Rittberger

Frank Rittberger has updated both Smidy variants (Smidy free! and Smidy full version) to v2.70. Also, the included VST 3 plug-in "Smidy PlugIn" got many changes and has been updated to v2.70.


  • German manual added.
  • English manual revised and simplified.
  • MIDI file import: Now, always a new project will be created.
  • Smidy PlugIn: New filter types and parameters added, allowing filter swells.
  • Smidy PlugIn: Frequency modulation implemented. FM parameter added.
  • Smidy PlugIn: Adding of own multisamples implemented. Including manager for own samples/programs inside Smidy (Only Smidy full version).
  • Smidy PlugIn: New parameter implemented: Only produce sound of key ...
  • Smidy PlugIn: Bug-fix: On 32-bit Windows 'Smidy PlugIn' hasn't been made known, automatically. Demo files haven't been played.
  • Piano Roll: Bug-fix: Copy and paste sometimes failed and 'ghost' vanished.
  • Piano Roll: Enhancement: Drag and drop for moving data of selection area implemented.
  • Piano Roll: Bug-fix: Last update changes prevented to select another 'lower area' controller.
  • Wave editor: Bug-fix: Cut didn't change loop end behind/inside area, random wave data could appear.
  • Wave editor: Bug-fix: Smpl chunk (containing loop points) hasn't been written in all cases.
  • Wave editor: Enhancement: No more 'total zoom back' after cut/paste/delete/undo.
  • Wave editor: Enhancement: Wave editor closure on program shutdown for changed waves can be answered with 'yes, all', 'no, all'.
  • Device panel: Bug-fix: Every once in a while a new opened device could create a transparent panel by mistake.
  • MIDI standard GM: Enhancement: Universal Realtime Message "Master Volume" also enabled for GM.
  • Dozens of additional bug-fixes and graphical user interface-improvements.


Discussion: Active
Dick Lee
Dick Lee
24 June 2020 at 12:02pm

Hi, apologies if this is the wrong place to post, I can't find contact details for Frank Rittberger and I'd like to ask him some stuff about his brilliant program MIDI Locator. I made a track called Ogopogo which he liked, back in 2002ish, and I'd like to use it again for another project. Are you there Frank?

All the best, Dick Lee.

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