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Frozen Plain and Glitchedtones release Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit (Mac, Win, VST, AU)


Frozen Plain and Glitchedtones have announced the release of Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit, a comprehensive toolkit for atmosphere, horror and sound effects featuring 788 sounds in 6 sample-libraries powered by FrozenPlain's sample-based-synth VST/AU, Mirage.

They say:

Take your cinematic music to another level with this vast sample-library collection containing instruments, atmospheres and sound design. All hosted inside FrozenPlain's sample-based-synth, Mirage (VST/AU included free), which offers outstanding ease-of-access and control over the sounds.

Create horror scores involving jump scares, ominous instrumentation and eerie atmospheres. Take the listener to otherworldly realms with dream-like atmospheres. Design the sonic backdrop for a dystopian setting. Or even craft distorted sci-fi action effects.

Frozen Plain states:

We've teamed up with Glitchedtones to create this collection of 6 sample libraries, featuring a total of 788 samples, each one playable as an 'oscillator' inside Mirage. As well as that, there are 300 carefully categorised presets that include sounds from all of the 6 libraries. These can be accessed using Mirage's diverse randomisation features for spontaneous inspiration, or you can craft your own sounds using the 3-layer architecture, envelopes, filters, looping controls and a whole rack of effects.

Included sample libraries:

  • Abstract Energy – chaotic digital sound-design.
  • Paranormal – horror scares, ghostly vocals and eerie textures.
  • Scare Tactics – frightful atmosphere design.
  • Dreamstates – dreamy and nightmarish atmospheres.
  • Signal Interference – noise soundscapes.
  • Feedback Loops – hard-hitting feedback FX and noise textures.

Price: $99.00.

You can also buy each library separately. There's a discount for buying more at once.




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