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24 February 2019 at 10:26am

Thank you man. The synth is very amazing. Very easy to catch for experienced user. Everything is very good. Good amount of filters. The wavetable OSC seems intriguing for the modular synth.

A usual list of my suggestions to browse:

Would like to see more waveforms for OSC.

Would like to see modern sequencer grid. So it's like Beat Sequencer but with envelopes.

Would like to see a bypass button for the modules, so could be possible to quickly bypass any block. For example bypass filter or LFO can be quite useful.

Maybe color coding for blocks? Maybe even icons on them too.

Would like to see macro controls. Hope you know what it is. So for example I could move 1 knob and turn up/down multiple parameters in many blocks at once, with one knob.

Maybe there is a lack of dry/wet knobs but maybe it is possible to arrange stuff like mixer. Then maybe there should be a StereoMixer block too? So it could be possible to input a stereo signal into 1 slot.

Also as usual I would like to see option to make the volume dependent on note key. I managed to make it using additional Voltage control block and Amplifier. If there was negative value option for the Note then it could be done with single Amplifier block. It seems that when the value in Amplifier mod goes down to zero then it start go back to increasing. Which is confusing, maybe?

Would like to see the master velocity option(maybe just a switch on/off). Maybe in Oscillators? So it would not require to create more blocks just to control the volume by velocity.

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