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FX-MAX Giga VST Adapter released (& FX Teleport v1.0.3)

FX Max

FX-MAX.com has released Giga Teleport and Giga VST Adapter - new tools allowing to integrate one or more Tascam Giga Studio software samplers into VST host application. MIDI streams from VST host to Giga Studio(s), audio from Giga Studio streams back to VST host.

Giga VST Adapter is designed to work when both the VST host application and Giga Studio are on the same computer. No GSIF-compatible audio hardware is required.

In case one wants to run Giga Studio on a separate dedicated machine, Giga VST Adapter can be used in conjunction with FX Teleport, FX-MAX's DAW networking solution. Also, Giga Teleport - a combination of Giga VST Adapter and teleport features is available. These programs will integrate one or more Giga Studios each running on its own dedicated machine into the VST host application. As the only connection between the host and the Giga Studio machine(s) required for Giga Teleport/FX Teleport to run is a local network, no additional audio or MIDI interfaces are needed on the Giga Studio machines.

  • Seamless Giga Studio 2.54 or 3 integration into any VST 2 host.
  • Runs a number of Giga Studios on networked (with Giga Teleport/FX Teleport only) and local computer.
  • No GSIF-compatible hardware required.
  • No MIDI hardware required.
  • Audio from Giga Studio streams to host mixer.
  • Up to 128 MIDI channels for Giga Studio 3 or 64 MIDI channels for Giga Studio 2.54 (on all hosts except Logic).
  • Up to 32 audio outputs.
  • Up to 192 KHz sample rate support.
  • 16, 24 and 32-bit depth support.
  • MIDI layering.
  • Support of external performance tool(s).

Giga Teleport and Giga VST Adapter are now available for online purchase. Prices starts from $119 USD / 99 EUR for Giga Teleport 1 host + 1 server configuration and $69 USD / 59 EUR for Giga VST Adapter 1 computer license. Volume discounts are available. Full-featured 14-day trial versions are available for download.

FX Teleport has also been updated to v1.0.3 which fixes several VSTi compatibility problems and includes Giga VST Adapter support. You can get Giga Teleport if you do not need to teleport any other VST plug-ins.



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