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G-Sonique releases Correct Key/Scale plug-in instrument and melody helper for MacOS & Windows VST & AU


G-Sonique has announced the release of Correct Key, a plug-in for Windows and MacOS designed to help you write melodies in the correct musical key.

G-Sonique explains:

Why it is absolutely necessary to write melodies in correct music key? And why most computer music producers don't know basics of music theory which results in long-term experimenting with unsuccessful results?

- No DJ will play your music unless it is written with the correct music key. - It is not possible to mix 2 songs with different or incorrect key (melody in different or incorrect key – some notes are not in selected music key scale).

- Basic people/listeners hear and feel that something is wrong if your melody is not written in music key or if some notes are out of key scale. (They don't feel harmony, art and musicality – just chaos and unpleasant impression).

G-Sonique Correct key is a helper tool / plug-in that will show you all the correct notes which you can play in the selected key/scale in red directly in your DAW. No need to open any documents, websites, or remember all scales. Just open the plug-in as instrument, select key and start composing.

Product Video and Keys Explanation: YouTube/nOGcMox5QAQ

Top Features:

  • 32 / 64-bit VST / VST3 plug-in instrument for Windows.
  • VST3 plug-in and AU Audio Unit plug-in for MacOS.
  • All classic major and minor keys/scales in plugin – with selected correct keys/notes in red:
    • Major A#.
    • Major A.
    • Major B.
    • Major C#.
    • Major C.
    • Major D#.
    • Major D.
    • Major E.
    • Major F#.
    • Major F.
    • Major G#.
    • Major G.
    • Minor A#.
    • Minor A.
    • Minor B.
    • Minor C#.
    • Minor C.
    • Minor D#.
    • Minor D.
    • Minor E.
    • Minor F#.
    • Minor F.
    • Minor G#.
    • Minor G.

Demo Download: g-sonique.com/demos

Intro Price: 9.90 Eur for first 80 customers (Reg. 16.90 Eur).



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