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Ginger Audio releases "GroundControl ROOM V2" - Software Monitor Control (Free & Pro)

Ginger Audio

Ginger Audio has released GroundControl ROOM V2. Described as a whole new product, it offers a Free and a Pro version and many new features (the previous version was only available as a Pro version).

GroundControl ROOM V2 offers an easy-to-use solution for controlling your listening environment.

Some of the main key features:

  • 2 input sources - A/B test your mix to compare with your reference from any source such as Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, or YouTube.
  • Use your favorite AU plugins. You can add them to any GroundControl ROOM output, input, or main section. Add powerful room correction and simulation software from IK Multimedia ARC, Sonarworks, Steven Slate VSX system, and others.
  • LUFS & True Peak meters on every input and output.
  • Flip L/R, phase inverse, stereo vs mono image, mid vs sides image.
  • Panning with versatile pan law options.
  • Volume / mute / Dim controllers.
  • Reference level presets, listen to your mix/music in your favorite levels.
  • Double precision floating point processing for extremely high fidelity audio sound.
  • Master clock sync capabilities.

All you need is LUFS:

GroundControl ROOM features loudness meters on any input and output. Now you can measure and visualize the loudness at any point in your studio. Measure short-term, Integrated, Range, True peak, and more, for free in GroundControl ROOM. Choose your destination/streaming platform to get the most accurate levels for your mix. Whether you are mixing sound for Music, Television, Cinema, Gaming, Podcast, etc.

The Pro version features (on top of the free features):

  • 5 different input sources.
  • Talkback input source.
  • 5 sets of outputs.
  • Create virtual audio devices and use them as virtual cables to route your audio between applications.
  • NDI streaming (coming soon in fall 2022).
  • Controller options such as MIDI, hotkeys, Bluetooth, etc.

Try the Pro version for 14 days, free of charge. You can go back to the free version anytime.



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