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GMEDIA Music release 'M-Tron Tape Banks Vol 2'

Shipping: 14th March 2002

M-Tron Tape Banks Vol 2

GMEDIA Music releases a second new set of sounds for the M-Tron VST plug-in instrument entitled 'M-Tron Tape Banks Vol 2'.

Continuing on the success of 'M-Tron Tape Banks Vol 1', GMEDIA Music, manufacturers of the award-winning Phat.Boy MIDI controller and GForce multi-format CD ROM's announce the release of a second set of sounds for the award winning M-Tron VST plug-in instrument.

M-Tron Tape Banks Vol2 provides M-Tron VST owners with a lavish collection of 24 rare and sought-after sounds including several custom tapebanks specially recorded for Tangerine Dream, Frank Zappa, Yes, plus a carefully constructed tapebank faithfully recreating the Genesis' Watcher of the Skies string, brass and bass accordion pad.

All sounds for M-Tron Tape Banks Vol2 were compiled from the extensive collection of Mellotron aficionado Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, including an ultra rare double-keyboard MkV, previously owned by Klaus Schultze and a black M400 previously owned by a spy for the East German Secret Service!

"What creates the Mellotron's vivid and animated tone is a lucky combination of factors like slightly detuned instruments that were played in the manner of their time, with a pinch of tape noise, distortion and pitch inaccuracy added I am very proud to offer these sounds to all friends of that fantastic psychedelic era with its spacey tunes for the first time. Enjoy it."

M-Tron Tape Banks Vol 2 contains 24 new sound banks featuring:

15 Choir
ARP Country Guitar(Tangerine Dream)
ARP Fuzz Guitar (Tangerine Dream)
ARP Trombone (Tangerine Dream)
Augmented 8 Choir (Genesis)
Brass B + Combined Brass
French Horn
M 300 Solo Violin
M 300 Strings
MkII Accordion Bass, Violins + Brass (Genesis)
MkII Church Organ
MkII Guitar
MkII Muted Brass
MkII Piano
MkII Tenor Sax
MkII Trombone
MkII Violins
Moog Bass + Tubular Bells (Frank Zappa)
Orchestra + Moog Bass
Solo Viola
Sound Effects 2
Tripled 8 Choir
Violins B + Violins + Cello (Yes)

M-Tron Tape Banks Vol2 is available for £32.95
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