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Goodhertz releases Midside — Expressive stereo imaging for Mac AU/AAX


Goodhertz has released Midside, an expressive stereo imaging and M/S processor, and updated their entire line of AU/AAX plug-ins to v1.1.8.

The result of years of research on spatial audio and psychoacoustics — as well hundreds of hours in the mastering room — Midside was designed to be as powerful as it is simple. With focused features, clear-cut metering, and full automatability, Midside excels in mixing and mastering scenarios and can greatly simplify M/S recording setups.

M/S Features:

  • High resolution M/S gain faders.
  • Mid & side tilt EQ's, borrowed from Tiltshift.
  • M/S mute & solo functionality.
  • M/S panning (Advanced).
  • M/S encoding/decoding (Advanced).
  • Built-in metering.

Stereo Width:

​Midside offers several different modes for altering the width of the stereo field — each with its own unique sound and speciality:

  • Width: The classic stereo width control.
  • Natural: A psychoacoustically-based width control with a natural sound.
  • Shuffler A, B, C: Expansive, spacious stereo shuffler capable of both widening or narrowing the low end.
  • M/S Blend: Directly blends between mid & side.

Mono Below:

The Mono Below section makes it possible to control the stereo width of the bass directly — making stereo signals more mono, below the selected frequency. Especially useful in mastering, Mono Below helps "ground" the low end in the stereo field, enabling spacious stereo images with bass that is still natural and well defined:

  • Strength control dials in the right amount of mono-izing.
  • Sweepable center frequency.
  • Bass Makeup processing to maintain low end presence.
  • Listen function to audition what's being filtered out.

Price: $79 on the Goodhertz store, 64-bit AU/AAX (Mac).

Watch a YouTube demo of Midside (best in stereo)



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