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Gospel Musicans

Gospel Musicians releases "TGX-85" - Sample Library Expansion of Yamaha SY-85/TG-500 Synth for Pure Synth Platinum / UVI Workstation

Gospel Musicians has released TGX-85, a virtual sample library of the Yamaha SY-85/TG-500 synthesizer formatted as an expansion for Gospel Musicians' Pure Synth Platinum (which requires the free UVI Workstation).

In keeping with the user-friendly structure of PSP, Gospel Musicians have included all of the raw waveforms from the actual hardware, as well as the drum kits. You get 4-oscillators in which to combine your voice as well as two filters, and two LFOs of which are not offered on the original hardware. The arp can be global or per oscillator as well as global and per oscillator effects, depending on the Init template patch you choose.

Gospel Musicians say that in many ways the TGX-85 rivals that of the actual hardware, because the TGX-85 has the following:

  • Greater Polyphony.
  • Global or per oscillator Arp/Gate.
  • Insert effects per oscillator.
  • Modern insert effects and reverb choices.
  • 2-Filters per Oscillator.
  • 2-LFOs per Oscillator.

Here's what Gospel Musicians say:

"The raw digital/gritty sound of the SY85 makes it sound very unique and special. The synth brass, synth bass, pads, and raw waveforms are very unique and make for some very dirty, digital, and analog sounding pads and synths. Our TGX-85 has captured this essence of the hardware and when you take the raw sound source and A/D filters of the hardware and you combine them with modern filters, effects, and M5 scripting, you get that reminiscent digital synth sound, but with an edge. As a bonus, we have also sampled the raw waveforms directly through very high end Class A transformers and D/A converters which adds a noticeable weight and thickness which is not so easily achieved from the hardware itself; as a result, many die hard SY-85/TG fans will notice a more 3D/analog-ish sound which will not disappoint."


  • 300 Presets.
  • 1.2GB uncompressed Samples.
  • 44kHz/16-bit Samples for that classic digital sound.
  • 2,800 Samples.
  • 244 waveforms.
  • Over 30 Different effects per oscillator.

TGX-85 costs $99.99, but with the current Christmas Sale, you can receive an additional 35% off.


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Discussion: Active
16 December 2014 at 12:13am

So did they license Yamaha's recordings for this product, or is it YARR ("Yet Another Rompler Ripoff") of reselling recordings under the copyright of another company as their own product..?

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