Groovyband Live!

Groovyband Live! has announced the immediate availability of build 19020 of its realtime arranger software.

The highlights of this release are:

  • Added 70 new styles, bringing the total to 620. All styles are also available in the demo version.
  • Added support for a pedal board, in addition to the 2 manuals. Now Groovyband Live! can be used to build your own home organ (2 manuals + pedal board) complete with state of the art arrangement section.
  • Virtual round robin an all drumkits. In every drum hit, pitch, ADSR and filter cutoff are subtly changed; a looping track never repeats identical and sounds livelier.
  • Smart humanization. Notes velocity is randomly changed (adjustable depth) taking into account the space temporal position of played notes (close notes have dependent randomization).
  • Advanced management of mega voices. They can now be substituted with other similar mega voices or normal voices (automatic articulation remapping) and noises volume can be adjusted independently of melody notes.
  • One knob comp/expander control allows customization of track dynamics to match taste or a different voice built-in dynamics.
  • Some usability improvements in the user interface.

This feature update is free of charge for all existing customers.

Groovyband Live! is realtime arranger software that runs on any Windows PC (tablet, laptop, desktop), interfaces with MIDI input devices (keyboards, pedal board, control surfaces) and produces a live stream of MIDI events to drive a suitable sound generator.

It offers immediate out of the box gratification with many advanced features over the typical hardware arranger. The key highlights are shown on the home page. A Features in depth section is a 5 minutes read. A free demo download with 620 styles is available as well.

Groovyband Live! is available in 3 versions, with bundled styles that support all the features:

  • Standard - 400 bundled styles - 299€.
  • Pro - 510 bundled styles - 399€.
  • Platinum - 620 bundled styles - 549€.


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