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H.E.Audio announces the H.E. Audio World Music Contest

H.E. Audio

H.E.Audio has announced its first World Music Contest, which will run throughout August, recruiting the public judges at the same time. The Contest consists of Song or Demo submissions during the month of August (1st - 31st).

The Prizes

First Prize: One person (Worth $800):

  • Acoustic Guitar Steel (AGS) Commercial Version.
  • Poetic Guitar 8 String Commercial Version.
  • Supreme Pianos (Sound Magic).
  • Dynamic Master (Sound Magic).

Second Prize: Two people (Worth $400):

  • AGS Commercial Version.
  • Poetic Guitar 8 String Commercial Version.

Third Prize: Three people (Worth $200)

  • AGS Commercial Version.

Applicants: All:

  • 20% discount when purchasing AGS Commercial Version.

The Rules

  1. For applicants and music:
    • All the applicants need to fill in the Application Form and download the Demo version (PC) of H.E. Audio AGS v1.1.
    • Applicants are required to submit the songs or Demos featuring H.E. Audio AGS v1.1 to the specified E-mail address.
    • One piece of music per composer.
    • Time length: less than 2 minutes.
    • Music style: unlimited.
    • Criteria is based on who uses H.E.AGS in a more interesting way. (Demonstrating the capabilities of AGSv1.1 in: authenticity, technicality, functionality).
    • Music format: mp3, wma.
    • Other Instruments use: only Bass and Drums are allowed (allow live instruments).
    • External Effects use is allowed.
    • The winners consent to Times Concept and/or H.E. Audio AGS using their entry for promotional purposes on a non-exclusive basis. Winners will retain ownership of their composition.
    • During the submission of song, the following information needs to be contained:
      • Title.
      • Composer.
      • Host used.
      • Number of H.E.Audio AGS used.
      • Bass/Drum/FX (if used).
  2. Submission/Deadline: Applicants need to submit the songs or Demos to the appointed E-mail: contact@timesconcept.com during August 1st to 31st.
  3. Judgement: Public voting will be open on KVR forum during September 1st to 14th. The final vote will be composed of: KVR 25%, Public Judges 25% and Times Concept Judges 50%.
  4. Winners and Awards Announcement: Times Concept will announce the winners and awards on the official website and other music forums on September 15th.
  5. Beijing Times Concept Company Reserves the right to explain the terms of this contest.

Public Judges Recruitment:

  1. Number: 5 people.
  2. Recruiting during: July 27th—August 15th.
  3. Standard Required:
    1. Nationality, age unlimited.
    2. Professional music producer or guitarist.
    3. Submit the relevant information about your music works.
  4. Benefits:
    1. The evaluation of each public judge will contribute 5% to the final result.
    2. Receive two authorized copies of H.E.Audio AGS (Final) for free.
    3. Be hired as a testing specialist for upgrading version of H.E. Audio AGS.
  5. If interested, please send your information to contact@timesconcept.com and indicate that you are applying for public judge, thanks.


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