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Harrison Consoles updates Mixbus32C to v8.1 - Mixer Scenes, Clip Launching, Native M1


Mixbus32C - mixer scenesHarrison Consoles has updated their Mixbus32C DAW to version 8.1. Here's what they say:

Mixbus32C is Harrison's flagship "analog-style console" that has been incorporated into a Digital Audio Workstation. The Mixbus32C mixing engine was developed at Harrison Consoles, where we have been designing high-end digital and analog consoles for over 40 years.

If you are striving to create "in the box" mixes that sound like a hit record, Mixbus32C is the music production software for you! Try a Free Demo to see what you are missing.

v8.1 introduces a killer new feature: Mixer Scenes. Mixer scenes allow you to quickly store and recall your knob settings. You can compare 8 different mixes with a button-click. And you can audition a scene using 'momentary mode' before you actually overwrite your current settings. This takes plugin A/B'ing to a new level: you can A/B the setting for dozens of plugins, and your faders/mutes/sends/eqs/compressors ... all with one click.

v8.1 includes dozens of user-suggested fixes and improvements for the Clip & Cue Launching features introduced in version 8. Clip Launching isn't a new idea, but when you see how Harrison has implemented it, you'll have to admit that we've taken it to another level.

Our goal is to be 'better than Ableton(tm)' for acoustic and electric bands. Specifically, this means that we've made a tool to complement and extend, not replace, your linear recordings. Once you've transformed your song parts into Clips, then it's trivial to add embellishments like drum tracks, percussion, synths, risers, and sweeteners. As a final step, you can re-sequence the parts on the timeline with Cue Markers.

Watch the video to see how Nathan uses Cue Markers to sequence a song after he's recorded the individual parts on the timeline: Watch a new way to record and arrange your clips

Clips+Cues aren't just for songwriters, either: it's a quick way to sweeten a mix with contrasting percussion parts or add a 'stinger' to a podcast session.

Finally, v8.1 includes a native Mac M1/M2 build for the newest mac laptops and desktops. The ARM package provides extreme performance at the lowest latencies and provides longer battery life, too.

This software update is for both Demo and Licensed users of Mixbus32C. The software download is free. If you do not have have a v8 license, the software will run in Demo mode. If you already have a license for v8, it will be found by the new v8.1 software with no additional steps required.

Existing users should have received an email notification about the new update with a complete change-list.

Also new in v8.1: Stem export of MIDI tracks:

  • MIDI tracks (without an instrument) can be included in a stem-export, resulting in consolidated MIDI files for each track.
  • For tracks with an instrument, un-check the "Apply Track/Bus Processing" to stem-export the MIDI before a track's instrument plugin.

Also new in v8.1: Freesound search added to the Import dialog:

  • Access millions of free, user-uploaded sounds.
  • Search the freesound database directly from the Import dialog.
  • Filter your results by popularity, length, license, or other criteria.


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