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Haunted House Records has announced the release of Critters 3: The Creaturephonic Workshop, the latest addition to the Electronic Critters series, which includes more than 4 GB of "fiendish sonic manipulations derived from field recordings, radio interference, ultrasound, theramins and more".

Inspired by the early work of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Critters 3: The Creaturephonic Workshop takes raw sounds and then reprocesses, modulates and chops them up to create other-wordly electronic vibrations. The pack is ideal for film and TV producers - as well as those seeking FX for ambient, leftfield or all kinds of dance tracks.

  • Ambient Textures: 103 sound effects split into 22 different groups. Alien rumbles, twittering robots, wailing banshees and many more insanely creative waveforms.
  • Loops: 126 loops split over three BPM ranges (100 BPM, 125 BPM, and 140 BPM). Rhythmic twitches and gurgling glitches. Syncopated sonics to take your beats to another planet.
  • Musical Phrases and Sound Beds: 140 sound samples split over 29 groups. Perfect as a starting point for music in TV and film or mind-expanding hooks in IDM.
  • Source Material: Source recordings used in the construction of the collection. There are 313 sounds broken into the following folders: field recordings, outside ambience, household objects, thumb piano, radio frequency scanner samples, theremin phrases and ultrasound doppler.

The Creaturephonic Workshop is available from Haunted House Records on DVD for the introductory price of £19.99 (normally £24.99). The format is 24-bit Wav.



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