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HeadRush Introduces ReValver 5 Guitar Amp and Effects Modeling Software


HeadRush has announced the release of the latest iteration of its ReValver series, ReValver 5:

With over two decades of setting standards in realistic amp and effects modeling, this fifth-generation release elevates the music creation experience, whether in a commercial studio, a home-based production hub, or live on stage. ReValver 5 is free for life and is infinitely expandable with individual modules and bundle packs available to buy from the ReValver Amp Store.

ReValver 5 and HeadRush hardware now share the same core library of amp, stompbox, and effect models. This integration allows HeadRush hardware users to access their favorite amps and effects in ReValver and use them in digital audio workstations (DAWs) through VST and AU plugins. Similarly, ReValver users can find their preferred ReValver amps and effects on HeadRush hardware, making it easier to transfer their customized tones to live performances.

ReValver 5 introduces the ACT (Audio Cloning Technology), enhancing cabinet modeling and EQ matching. This technology enables users to replicate the sound and characteristics of various instruments, including different types of guitars and pickups, expanding the creative possibilities.

The RIR2 cabinet module in ReValver 5 offers control over microphone type, placement, and environment in cabinet modeling. Additionally, it supports third-party cab impulse responses, allowing for further customization of tone.

Exclusive to ReValver 5 are official Peavey and Budda amp and effects models. These models are developed in collaboration with the original engineers, ensuring a faithful digital representation of these iconic amplifiers.

ReValver 5 also supports third-party plugin hosting, giving users the flexibility to integrate their favorite effects and amp sim modules with ReValver's advanced cabinet modeling. ReValver 5 also offers schematic-level editing, a feature not commonly found in amp modeling software. This allows for customization and detailed tweaking of sound properties.

For live performances, ReValver 5 is equipped with full MIDI mapping capabilities and a 'GIG Mode'. This feature enables real-time parameter adjustments and smooth preset switching, enhancing the live playing experience.

Pricing and Availability

Included With The ReValver 5 Base Free Version:

  • Peavey ValveKing II amp model.
  • Custom Lite amp model.
  • Lite green overdrive pedal.
  • Tremolo pedal.
  • C-Verb Lite pedal and rack FX.
  • Splitter pedal and rack module.
  • ACT instrument models.
  • RIR2 cabinet module.
  • RIR cabinet IR loader module.

Expansion Bundles Pricing:

  • Starter $29.99 - $19.99 (Promo):
    • Amps: 12.

    • Stomps: 20.

    • RIR2 Cabs: 14.

    • FX: 6.

    • Amp Clones: 6.

    • Impulse Responses: 987.

  • Standard $59.99 - $39.99 (Promo):
    • Amps: 25.

    • Stomps: 39.

    • RIR2 Cabs: 20.

    • FX: 10.

    • Instrument Models: 14.

    • Amp Clones: 12.

    • Impulse Responses: 987.

  • Headrush - $79.99 - $49.99 (Promo):
    • Amps: 32.

    • Stomps: 61.

    • RIR2 Cabs: 33.

    • FX: 13.

    • Instrument Models: 38.

    • Amp Clones: 25.

    • Impulse Responses: 987.

  • Producer - $129.99 - $79.99 (Promo):
    • Amps: 50.

    • Stomps: 77.

    • RIR2 Cabs: 47.

    • FX: 21.

    • Instrument Models: 38.

    • Amp Clones: 25.

    • Impulse Responses: 987.

Anyone using ReValver 4 can upgrade to v5 for free.

Promo pricing is available from the 5th - 31st December 2023.

Upgrades are available for existing ReValver 4 Producer Pack customers. For full details, please visit the product page: revalver.headrushfx.com





Discussion: Active
21 December 2023 at 8:19pm

Just got the email from HeadRush for the free upgrade; v4 to v5. First impression: way improved GUI and flow. And a huge array of additional amps, and fx. I liked it so much that I opted for the HeadRush Bundle. The Input/Output Mixers incorporate the ACT (Audio Cloning Technology). Ergo, ACT Instrument Models & ACT Amp Clones are included across the bundle arrays. These I/O chains become apparent when the Input/Output Menu Buttons are selected. I'll note a very low CPU usage in and out of the DAW.

They added man blackface fenders, a few AC-30 (whilst keeping the legacy model), 2 Ampeg SVTs, a '66 Flip, '84 Roland J120, Matchless DC30, 2 '89 Soldano SLO-100's; and some Fender Tweeds. Lots of new pedals, racks units, and ACT components.

I am very curious to see where HeadRush will take this, as their first pass inspires...

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