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Helgoboss Projects updates Playtime for REAPER to v1.14.0

Helgoboss Projects

Helgoboss Projects has updated Playtime, a Session View (aka clip launcher) for REAPER, to version 1.14.0.

New features:

  • Full-screen mode.
  • Option to hide MIDI triggers.
  • Alternative automation parameters that are easier to use.
  • Possibility to record audio output of virtual instruments.
  • Fill multiple selected items into slots.
  • Basic support for Launchpad Pro, Launchkey Mini and APC Key 25.
  • Support for portable REAPER installations.

Complete list of changes:

  • #132 Added full screen mode (also useful for touchscreens, cell size can be adjusted arbitrarily.).
  • #19 Added option to hide MIDI triggers in order to have more screen space available for slot main area (new option is in background context menu).
  • #301 Added many alternative automation parameters that are easy to use with buttons/pads/switches (they work with REAPER's built-in MIDI learn in absolute mode, no ReaLearn necessary, see ticket for details).
  • #282 Added possibility to record audio output of VST instruments (recording track audio output was possible before but it was not practical because recording while the first clip was still playing would result in the first clip being recorded again).
  • #119 Added very basic but effective possibility to fill multiple selected items into slots (column-wise).
  • #278 Added basic support for Launchpad Pro.
  • #283 Added support for Launchkey Mini.
  • #280 Added basic support for APC Key 25.
  • #182 Added zip file downloads to website to be used for portable REAPER installations.
  • #306 Improved user guide by documenting recommended modes (toggle, absolute etc.) for each global automation parameter.
  • #195 Improved controller scrolling by syncing GUI scroll position with controller scroll position and highlighting the controlled area in the GUI.
  • #26 Improved MIDI editing experience by making sure that cursor within MIDI editor loops instead of advancing further and further (by automatically setting piano roll timebase to 'Source beats').
  • #285 Improved naming of recorded clips by making it more terse (just track name and an auto-incrementing number).
  • #281 Improved default settings by making 'Auto-play recorded clips' and 'Play clips with arrangement' the default (makes more sense especially since auto-play has good timing now).
  • #302 Improved visibility of currently selected cell by making it stand out more.
  • #309 Improved behavior when loading/dropping a file into an already filled slot: The existing item now gets deleted.
  • #310 Improved Playtime behavior when opened in portable REAPER installations (looks for reaper.ini and Playtime app data directory first in REAPER executable directory).
  • #313 Improved Windows installer by making it more predictable and easier to use (user doesn't have to choose the VST directory anymore, Playtime will always be installed into a fixed dedicated VST directory, REAPER VST scanning path will be modified if necessary so the Playtime VstPlugins directory is the last one ... last one has highest priority, so old installed versions are just ignored).
  • #295 Fixed bug that caused recorded audio clips to have wrong length and let them drift off / go out of sync over time (should only have happened when using non-ideal combinations of tempo and sample rate, now sections are created if necessary to remedy this).
  • #287 Fixed bug that often caused audible clicking whenever an undo point was created.
  • #288 Fixed bug when stopping recording via MIDI controller that caused the group to be stopped as well.
  • #291 Fixed occasional crash after recording clip when fades are enabled (reproduced only when recording via automation parameter 'Record selected slot', but possibly also in other situations).
  • #293 Fixed misbehavior of automation parameter 'Record selected slot' (it needed more taps than necessary).
  • #296 Fixed misbehavior of automation parameters 'Trigger selected cell' and 'Record selected slot' (many things, see ticket for details).
  • #299 Fixed misbehavior of automation parameter 'Tempo detection mode' (it sometimes needed more taps than necessary).
  • #297 Fixed possible crash when deleting a slot item while it's being recorded (this is now prevented).
  • #252 Fixed crash when track removed while recording a clip on that track.
  • #298 Fixed missing peaks after recording audio clips.
  • #307 Fixed some GUI update issues.
  • #308 Fixed automation parameters 'Record selected slot, go down/right' misbehavior (they moved to next slot although recording cancelled).
  • #311 Fixed possible crash during or after first plug-in scanning.
  • #198 Fixed buggy installer on Mac OS X.
  • #267 Fixed problem that caused Playtime not to work in 32-bit REAPER installations on Mac OS X.


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