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Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.53 and SAVIHost to v1.41

Hermann Seib

Hermann Seib has updated VSTHost to V1.53 and SAVIHost to V1.41.

Changes in VSTHost:

  • 32-bit version created with Visual Studio 2008 instead of Visual Studio 6 for added UI capabilities; for Windows 98, there's a separate version available now that's still done with VS6.
  • Loading of similar performances is much faster.
  • PlugIn scans remember bad PlugIns and don't retry them.
  • MIDI Clock can be sent to configurable MIDI devices.
  • PlugIn menu bar break can be configured.
  • PlugIns can be "labeled" by double-clicking on the PlugIn frame's lower text line.
  • Pressing Ctrl while loading a PlugIn toggles the /runBridged command line option.
  • Pressing Ctrl+Shift while loading a PlugIn toggles the /forceBridged command line option.
  • Corrected Auto-Stereo option for Mono PlugIns.
  • Expanded .vstxml file capabilities.
  • Manual can be opened from menu if downloaded into VSTHost directory.
  • MIDI->Parameter conversions enhanced.
  • MIDI File Player can load .kar files now (small improvement).
  • Added built-in PlugIns for common MIDI configuration tasks.
  • /maxchn=xx command line parameter and MaxChannels=xx .ini file setting added for the (rare) setups where more than 32 ASIO I/O channels are needed.

Changes in SAVIHost:

  • MIDI Transformations from VSTHost have been added.

Changes in both programs:

  • Lots of bug fixes and internal changes.
  • VST3-capable programs use VST SDK 3.5 instead of 3.1.


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