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Hermann Seib updates VSTHost (v1.54) and SAVIHost (v1.42)

Hermann Seib

Hermann Seib has updated VSTHost to v1.54 and SAVIHost to v1.42.

Changes in both programs:

  • Fixed incompatibility with ReaJS and other PlugIns that don't pass back a chunk before one's been loaded.
  • VST3 MIDI Controller -> Parameter ID remapping didn't work correctly; does now.
  • Added soft clipping.
  • Added PlugIn Editor window support for VST Module Architecture PlugIns.

Additional changes in VSTHost:

  • Restructured File menu and added "Mute Performance On Load".
  • Added "Delete" button to Load Performance and Save Performance As dialogs.
  • VST3 PlugIns' custom context menu could kill VSTHost; corrected.
  • Performance loading didn't work correctly for Shell PlugIns (only if the previously loaded performance did NOT contain them).
  • MIDI->Parameter output mode "Relative" added.
  • New MIDI->Parameter types "Note On/Off Velocity" and "Note On/Off Key" added.
  • New MIDI->Parameter modes "From" and "To" added (for defined triggers).
  • Added Pre-/Post-Fader recording.
  • Bridge program stability improved; robustness against bridge program failures improved;
  • Bridge speed improvements.
  • Added some REAPER-style PlugIn calls and host callbacks; see http://www.reaper.fm/sdk/vst/vst_ext.php for further details.
  • Added SysEx window to list of possible MIDI inputs for PlugIns.
  • PlugIns can send MIDI to SysEx window, and SysEx messages are passed from SysEx window to PlugIns.
  • PlugIn Parameter window remodeled to match Cubase's getParameterProperties() support; this might spell "t-r-o-u-b-l-e" for PlugIns that were modeled after VSTHost's implementation, which was done in 2006...
  • Added manual to distribution (not for betas).
  • Added "Double x64" distribution for people with too much CPU time.

Additional changes in SAVIHost:

  • Added VST Module Architecture distributions.


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