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Hidenori Matsuoka releases Guitar Kit v7.0 for iOS

Hidenori Matsuoka

Hidenori Matsuoka has released Guitar Kit v7.0 for iOS. This is a major update with new features, including:

  • Sheet View supports Black and White mode and Show Omit as Mute option. It shows a series of chord form diagrams like a paper sheet. And it supports Cut, Copy and Paste functions.
  • Refined Scale Match View is useful to search chords for the scale.
  • Make Tab supports incremental search chord names and unlimited undo, redo function. Users can try different chord forms freely.
  • Automatically all chord names change accidental and show them adding space after Root and before & after / (Bass mark). In addition, you don't need to add space for searching and registration chord names.

This update improves many functions and enhances usability in various situations.


  • Completely refined Scale Match View (it shows chords matching Scale).
  • Added incremental search for chord name text field on Make Tab.
  • Added search function for Favorites Chord Forms.
  • Supported unlimited undo and redo on Make Tab.
  • Renamed Chart View to Sheet View.
  • Renamed Direct Edit Menu to Direct Menu.
  • Supported Black and White mode for Sheet Chord Forms.
  • Improved reliability of handling chord names on many situations.
  • Now Chord Names show space after Root and before & after / automatically. In addition, you don't need to add space for searching and registration chord names.
  • Now all User Chord Forms, Favorite Chord Forms and Sheet Chord Forms change automatically accidental according to each View setting.
  • Now Make Tab and Direct Menu of Sheet View show list of chord names that are the same chord form.
  • Supported non ASCII characters on all text fields.
  • Added clear button on all text fields.
  • Supported rename function for User Chord Forms on Make Tab. (You tap the part of Chord Name in Edit mode).
  • Added Cut, Copy and Paste functions for Sheet View.
  • Added Show Omit as Mute option for Sheet View.
  • Now Name Menu of Sheet View shows original chord form at top.
  • Added Guess Chord Name function on Direct Menu of Sheet View.
  • Now Name Menu shows similar chord forms (add 1 note, remove 1 note, move 1 note).
  • Added volume slider on Scale Match View for iPhone.
  • Implemented new memory management system.
  • Now each menu of Sheet View shows always even if app size is changed.
  • Now Guitar Kit shows dialog after loading User Created File.
  • Improved 1 octave keyboard display.
  • Now Sheet don't stop playing chords in almost situations.
  • Now Guess Chord Name function on Make Tab automatically change accidental.
  • Now Name Menu of Sheet View on Favorites Tab automatically change accidental.
  • Added Non Space Chord Name or Displaying Chord Name option for exporting SMF.
  • Fixed importing settings of Make Tab.
  • Improved reliability of exporting file.
  • Improved stability of importing file.
  • Improved some UI elements.
  • Improved and optimized many internal processing.

Price: $2.99 in the App Store.



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