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Hidenori Matsuoka updates Guitar Kit to v6.4 for iOS

Hidenori Matsuoka

Hidenori Matsuoka has updated Guitar Kit for iOS to v6.4.

The update includes numerous features and improvement.


  • Chart View in Favorites Tab is changed dramatically. Internal processing also bold changes have been made in addition to the major features added such as Direct Edit menu, Title menu, Temporal Mute (Omit). See towards the end of this list for more information.
  • Now display dialog indicating that you can process later by "Direct Edit" Menu, if there are no chord name and chord forms match for Library Tab when you import SMF. You can add imported notes directly as chord form.
  • When you import SMF, if there is matched chord form with specific bass note in Library Tab, it'll be used. Otherwise a chord form without bass will be used. You can modify easily by "Direct Edit" Menu in Chart View.
  • Fixed no sound problem after interruption.
  • Improved engine recognize specific bass note (ex. B of GM7/B).
  • Chord Picker in Make Tab list specific bass.
  • By long press gesture on 1 octave keyboard in Make Tab, you can keep current decided notes on middle diagram.
  • Improved Guess Chord Name engine, now displayed in more user-friendly order.
  • Now you can display switching of Note Name / Interval by long press gesture in non Edit Mode only.
  • Now specific bass is ignored when you search chord in Library Tab. Once you choose a chord form without specific bass, later you can specify bass note in Make Tab. And also you can uncheck this "Ignore Bass" option.
  • Improved interval calculation engine.
  • Fixed problem of waste CPU usage when playing scale sounds.
  • Now process Tempo as integer that is easy to handle for users.
  • You can now change display Note Name / Interval by long press gesture on the cell such as Chord Name.
  • Color of scroll indicator changed to look easy.
  • Improved various parts of internal processing.
  • Fixed some images.
  • Fixed some incorrect representations.
  • —.
  • Chart View changes are following.
  • Implemented "Direct Edit" Menu in Chart View. Even if it is not Edit Mode, you can change chord form and chord name directly by tapping upper left Chord Name area immediately. In Edit Mode, you can change chord form using chord list to be recommended by chord name or used notes conventionally.
  • Implemented "Title" Menu in Chart View. If you tap left top "Forms Chartâ–¼", you can choose Clear All, Duplicate, Show Popup Mark in non Edit Mode.
  • "Beat" Menu in Chart View is now available even if it is not Edit Mode.
  • Implemented Temporal Mute function about chord form in Chart View. You can omit some notes by "Direct Edit" Menu. Omitted notes will be handled as velocity 1 sounds in importing or exporting SMF.
  • "Clear All" button moved to "Title" Menu in Chart View.
  • "By Name" section of "Name" Menu in Chart View ignores specific bass. Once you choose a chord form without specific bass, later you can specify bass note by "Direct Edit" Menu.
  • "By Note" section of "Name" Menu in Chart View now lists chord forms contain a slightly different note, if you want. You can change setting in "Title" Menu.


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