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Hidenori Matsuoka updates Piano Kit to v3.5 for iOS

Hidenori Matsuoka

Hidenori Matsuoka has updated Piano Kit, piano chord and scale app, to ver 3.5. This update includes some important improvement and a lot of internal changes.

Added Export Chart (Native Format) function in Chart that user can list more than one chord form. Now user can export and import exactly even if chord forms don't exist in Library Tab. The user can open and save multiple songs at any time.

Now user can use Export Chart (Native Format) normally and select Export as MIDI File (SMF) for importing into other DAW or apps.

And now, when Piano Kit export as SMF, automatically check whether all chord forms exist in Library. If those chord forms are not found, user can try to add them to Library before exporting.

Also added OFF option for "Ignore Bass" in Library Tab's search engine. Now whether search chords with specific bass, user will get the room from which user can select.


  • Implemented "Export Chart (Native Format)" in Title Menu of Chart View. This is native format for Chart View of Piano Kit, so you can import exactly even if exported chart chord forms didn't exist in Library. Practically you can save and open multiple songs in a very simple way.
  • Implemented Title Menu in Library Tab. You can uncheck option "Ignore bass".
  • Interval calculation engine is now along notation for Chord Name even interval of less than 7. ex) The case of Interval "#5" Note of Chord Name "Cm#5", even if you choose "b" as accidental, Piano Kit show "#5" rather than "b6".
  • Improved Chord Name recognition engine.
  • The engine to import SMF has been improved greatly.
  • Before exporting SMF, all Chart Chord Forms are checked whether they are existing in Library. If Chart Chord Forms that are not existing are found, you can try to add them to Library automatically.
  • Chords were not found when they are imported from SMF are still held as imported Notes. So Piano Kit now show that you can decide Chord Forms if you tap those chords.
  • "Export All Created Data" function now include all Chart Options.
  • When you choose "Add to Library" in Direct Edit Menu of Chart View, now Make Tab show as user chord form exactly.
  • Internal objects are more efficient.
  • Cleared some potential of instability in the future.


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