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Hit'n'Mix releases "RipX: DeepAudio" - Major update to replace Hit'n'Mix Infinity


Hit'n'Mix has announced a major update, in addition to its new RipX audio platform.

RipX: DeepAudio is a free update for all existing Hit'n'Mix Infinity users, featuring dramatically improved audio separation, a faster and smoother workflow, in addition to new effects and automatic processing capabilities.

To celebrate, Hit'n'Mix is offering 30% off until the end of May 2021.

Hit'n'Mix explains:

Hit'n'Mix invented the Rip audio format, a way of storing pure audio as note and unpitched sound objects, which can be edited with considerable ease and flexibility compared to traditional waveform-based formats. The new RipX platform has been developed to take advantage of the Rip format, and allows for modules such as DeepAudio and DeepRemix to be seamlessly integrated into one application.

Whether you are a professional audio post production editor, mix or mastering engineer, sound designer, music producer, remixer, student or educator, DeepAudio allows you to quickly and easily edit the core components of audio - notes, harmonics, frequencies and amplitudes.

DeepAudio uses AI isolation algorithms and a deep-ripping process to automatically deconstruct any audio file. Dive deep into your audio files and choose whether to fix, clean-up or replace vocals, dialog, instruments, notes, sounds or noise.

For noise clean-up, pitch correction, sound design, mix-fixing and more, the DeepAudio module includes the powerful Audioshop (with tools such as Unpitched Editor, Harmonic Editor, Clone, Draw Audio, Draw Pitch), RipScripts (for creating your own tools), VST/ARA and AAX plug-ins for $250 / £220 / €254 until the end of May, 2021.

For those needing more affordable industry-leading source separation, sampling and song creation, the DeepRemix module can be purchased individually at the launch sale price of $69 / £55 / €59 until the end of May, 2021.

Professionals need access to unprecedented levels of audio detail and manipulation. If you find existing tools overly complex and difficult to make the most of, the RipX Future Audio Platform may be your ideal solution. Uniquely working with Rips rather than waveforms, it becomes possible to edit sounds as the objects you hear, making complex editing tasks a breeze.

Martin Dawe, Hit'n'Mix CEO and the creator of RipX

New in RipX:

  • Fuses AI machine learning with algorithmic separation technology - accurately separate voice, drums, bass, other instruments and any sound like never before, down to the note, harmonic and noise level. Bass drums, other drums and percussion now editable as individual sounds. Vocal sibilants selectable and editable alongside the vocal notes.
  • Ripping speed up to 10 x faster and greatly improved instrument recognition - speeds up audio transfer and DAW integration. New Ripping Speed/Accuracy slider allows users to customize ripping options based on requirements and machine power.
  • DeepAudio and DeepRemix modules available and tailor-made for most audio editing tasks - from professional music production, sound design, mix-fixing, noise clean-up and dialog editing, to true audio source separation, stem creation and song composition using most audio and video file formats (video macOS only).
  • Pitch To Scale natural pitch correction - a new Effect which can be applied to a selection of notes to correct the pitch of performances, or via Set Musical Scale to automatically re-pitch to fit the scale in real-time.
  • Improved Stems import/export options - new quick and easy Save Stems Only Ripper option creates individual Vocals, Bass, Drums and Other WAV stems. Export as Native Instrument's Stems file format or other formats with layers grouped into stems.
  • Improved Layers Panel - each layer now comes with stereo panning, Low, Mid and High EQ.
  • Live-edit and create Ripples during looped playback - experiment with effects, pitch changes, time-stretching and more in real-time.
  • New Live Effects - Reverse, High/Low Pass Filters, Delay and Randomize effects added. Each effect's strength can also now be controlled using a slider. Randomize updates chosen effects automatically during looped playback for quick inspiration.
  • Drag & drop your own background images to view behind notes - to help set the right mood or create your own visual inspiration or vibe during creative moments.
  • VST3/ARA and Pro Tools RipLink plug-ins included - for improved integration and fast transfer with most leading DAWs.
  • Note Editor improved and re-named to Harmonic Editor - select, copy and paste regions, easier access to tools and smoother workflow.
  • Many significant and intuitive UI, editing, playback, workflow, rendering and audio processing advancements.

New to Hit'n'Mix? Watch these quick videos: hitnmix.com/videos

RipX is the result of our vision to provide the most cutting-edge audio platform available. It's the first of its kind to offer next-generation true source separation, and is up to 10x faster than Infinity 4.7. It should be more appealing than ever to professionals looking for a super-fast, ultra-powerful workflow. After painstakingly examining every element and process and improving upon them, we feel confident that we've developed a future audio platform for the next generation.

Martin Dawe, Hit'n'Mix CEO and the creator of RipX

RipX: DeepAudio is a free update for existing Hit'n'Mix Infinity owners.



Discussion: Active



15 May 2021 at 1:36am

At last polyphonic audio to MIDI conversion is affordable, the devs are quick to respond and works well with bass and vocal ripping...

This beast is extremely sensitive to audio spectrums which is not always good but it has some useful tools for filtering and quantising which make it amazing (as yet I have not managed to implement them properly).

I have only rendered a few things so far so I am still learning the program so it may well be my bad...

Songs I used so far Jefferson airplane - I want somebody to love.

Puppet on a string...

And Patricia the stripper.

The first was ok for vocal rip, was even better after using a soothing eq on the output.

The second was messy apart from bass and drums but couldn't figure out how to export drums as MIDI and import into FL studio (drums and non pitched spat out blanks).

The third only separated into 5 instrument groups so it took some work to separate and regroup into new instruments and the piano disapeared between guitar, vocal and non defined.

However I am very new to this software.

I read on sound on sound that the documentation is unclear and I would agree with this.

Clearly with more people experimenting I solidly think we can pull through and at 55 GBp currently I would say it is most definitely worth downloading the demo if you do not have melodyne or Ableton live.

Or need more detailed and colour coordinated remixing / seperating of audio than is currently out there.

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