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HOFA-Plugins updates HOFA CD-Burn & DDP to v1.1.0


HOFA has updated HOFA CD-Burn & DDP, a standalone software and plug-in to create audio CDs or DDP images, to version 1.1.0. The update includes additional requested features as well as some bug fixes.

HOFA CD-Burn & DDP can be tested for 14 days, even if you already demoed an earlier version. General information and download is available at here.

Changes since V1.0.3

New Features:

  • Export tracks to audio files (Wav, Aiff, FLAC, Ogg-Vorbis, MP3 (if LAME is installed)).
  • Export track list as text file.
  • Create zip files for DDP.
  • Easy exchange of CD tracks in track list.
  • Possibility to replace audio files for clips.
  • Edit pauses in list / set all pauses to the same length.
  • Select all following clips with Alt key.
  • Set clip level by number input.
  • Zoom/Scroll in audio editor using mouse wheel.
  • use file name as CD-Text title when importing file.
  • Allow moving clips without moving markers by pressing shift.
  • Level, loudness and correlation meter.
  • Menu entry: Reset to default settings.
  • Additional short keys: +/increase/decrease Level of selected clips.
  • Additional short keys: Mute/unmute selected clips.


  • Modified import / paste position behavior.
  • Possibility to mute clips in audio editor.
  • Possibility to change order of columns in track list.
  • Display project name and path in header line.
  • Show track number at start markers in wave editor.
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
  • Set audio editor to current position while playback.
  • Allow importing multiple audio files from context menu.
  • Allow importing DDP images with any file name of audio file (even without extension).
  • Ignore senseless markers after end of audio file in .cue files.
  • Window animation on program start can be switched off.
  • Playback volume slider showing level in dB.
  • Playback volume slider can be reset by double click.
  • Added more tool-tips.
  • Create new Marker when cutting clip.
  • Create new Marker when importing clips with pause set to 0 frames.
  • Check MD5 check sums when importing DDP image.
  • Check check sum of UPC/EAN code.

Bug fixes:

  • Glitch could occur in Beginning of sample rate converted files.
  • CD end was moved too far when removing last clip.
  • Use "Silence after last Track" setting when importing clips / exchanging tracks.
  • Support 1-button mouse on Mac.
  • Import .cue files with .bin or .iso audio image.
  • Import .cue files with sub index markers.
  • Compressed audio files with high levels could cause clicks.
  • Keyboard input was not working on program start.
  • Markers could have been deleted when moving clips several times.
  • Show position in waveform when skipping to other marker.
  • 12-digit UPC code was not written to CD. Extended to 13-digit code with leading 0.
  • Do not allow overwriting a DDP image that is currently in use by the project.
  • Window size was decreased with every start.
  • Clip level was not always visible.
  • (Mac) Meter not working.
  • Check maximum size of CD-Text before writing CD or DDP.
  • (Mac) Sporadic error message when closing application.
  • Audio output device was not saved in settings.
  • CD-Text Album info was missing when importing .cue file.
  • Ignore DCP flag in .cue files and allow importing the file.
  • PQ time in "CD Tracklist.txt" corrected by 2 seconds standard pregap of track 1.


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