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Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis Orgone to v1.04

Homegrown Sounds

Homegrown Sounds has updated Astralis Orgone to v1.04. This update primarily addresses issue when used on multi-core machines where multi-core is enabled in the host. Also, an interactive Flash manual has been added for easily finding relevant help.

Main changes in v1.0.4:

  • Interactive Flash Manual added.
  • Second version of Orgone added to use on Dual Core machines in multi-core enabled hosts. The problem was mainly with the wave display which caused Access Violation Errors.
  • Fixed a bug when Gate Sequencer was set to Random with 1 set as size.
  • Bug fixed with Wave Recorder which would become unstable if a synth containing it was deleted from a project.
  • Keyboard module updated to use GDI+, fixed a problem where display could be briefly corrupt at startup on some machines.
  • Recorder now operates from a cfg file, same as HGS WAV Recorder. All plugins installed in the same folder will share this cfg or installing in separate folders allows individual paths to be used.
  • Orgone now compatible with Orion Pro, I'm not aware of any hosts that do not work now.
  • Fixed a bug - When the Arp and Gate Sequencer were used at the same time there would be no sound.
  • Various other minor fixes/enhancements.


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