Hora Music

Hora Music has announced that its first software, Treasure, an emulation of the famous Roland TR808 in VCV Rack modules, will be released in November 2017.

It includes:

  • All the TR808 drum sounds with more tweaking possibilities and an extra sound called "soft bell".
  • Choice between sounds modeled with VCV DSP (white modules) or VULT DSP (black modules). VULT has a higher sound quality but both have their own interesting character.
  • A TR808 inspired sequencer with all their particulars features (tap, fill, A-B, ...) more some extra typical features of modular synth (CV controllable pattern choice, an extra CV, sequencer, fill in-trigger input, ...) and typical computer features like copy-paste-clear pattern from the module menu.

Until November, you can see and hear a first test video on YouTube: YouTube.com/watch?v=6MoB_bLHF6Y



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