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HoRNet Plugins in partnership with The Buildzer releases Coherence Meter - visual aid for mix balance


HoRNet Plugins and The Buildzer have announced the availability of Coherence Meter, a useful visual aid for your mixes.

Coherence meter has a simple duty: to show you if your mixes are well balanced and ready to be mastered or not, and in case they are not, gives you helpful insights on where they are wrong.

This new metering plugin is built upon a mixing and mastering technique that involves comparing the input signal (your mix) with a reference level, then through some dynamics analysis a difference between that ideal behaviour and your mix is displayed giving you insight on how your mix will behave when the mastering process is applied.

Using Coherence meter you can easily improve your mix and masters.

Coherence Meter is available for 8,99€ on www.hornetplugins.com



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