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Imaginando updates VS - Visual Synthesizer to v1.6.0 - VST3 and much more


Imaginando has announced the release of a new version of VS - Visual Synthesizer. This is a significant revision to VS as it is based on their most recent underlying framework, a result of BAM development efforts.

One of the most requested features is the ability to load images and videos to any layer, something that is now available. The refactor made at this level will allow Imaginando to soon present even more options such as camera input, Syphon / Spout layer input, among others.

The audio modulator has been revamped, allowing a more precise band filtering, along with frequency grid divisions, making it easier to isolate certain frequencies of the sound. A listen mode was also added to this module so you can easily hear exactly what is being used to trigger the audio modulator. This has led to inevitable misbehavior of pre-existent presets that make use of the audio modulators, so make sure to readjust the frequency band, as well as the threshold and gain parameters in your presets.

At the internal graphics engine level, some important modifications have been performed. While this is transparent to the user, if you own preset packs you will need to restore the purchase in order to redownload the packs as some of the shaders might not load due to these modifications.

Another important modification and aspect to take into account is the fact that Imaginando are moving to an individual preset management rather than a single file containing all the presets. This behavior shift has been introduced in BAM and Imaginando are now applying it to all products which will provide easier preset management. This leads to another inevitable step, preset migration. Once you start VS 1.6.0 it will look for any existing bank file and migrate each preset to an individual file, contained in a folder with the name of the bank.

Imaginando have also expanded the offer of plugin formats in both Windows and Mac. You can now find the VSfx version of VS in both Mac and Windows for both VST and VST3.

The list of changes is extensive, see below:


  • Adds support to images in all layers.
  • Adds support to videos in all layers.
  • Adds new material browser.
  • Adds single preset import/export.
  • Adds buttons to cycle through materials without the need to open browser.
  • Adds MIDI mapping to preset change buttons.
  • Adds MIDI mapping to audio panel play/stop buttons.
  • Adds manual MIDI assignment (double press parameters with MIDI learn enabled).
  • Adds LFOs syncing to host playback.
  • Adds phase parameter in LFO.
  • Adds record arm to sync record to host playback (press and hold record to toggle).
  • Adds "No files" label when main folder doesn't have valid files.
  • Adds shader materials search box.
  • Adds portrait mode (toggled under settings).
  • Adds back button on factory files browser.
  • Adds material clear cache option in settings.
  • Adds scroll wheel handling to adjust parameters.
  • Adds AIFF support.
  • Improves visibility of disabled layers.
  • Improves spectrum mode of audio modulator.
  • Improves ADSR (adds decay and sustain parameters).
  • Fixes freezing when browsing a folder with a lot of videos.
  • Fixes files not being shown in some circumstances.
  • Fixes Ableton Link.
  • Fixes video recordings only having mono audio output.
  • Fixes MIDI clip playing position when changing position of audio clip.
  • Fixes background layer render when changing resolution.
  • Fixes audio output with Bluetooth headset.
  • Fixes copying/pasting HEX color with keyboard.

iOS Specific:

  • Adds iOS photos and files providers to layers.
  • Fixes background layer media from photos provider.
  • Fixes iOS media loaded from Photos not persisting when save/loading presets.
  • Fixes purchases not being shown in user account on Imaginando dashboard.

Desktop Specific:

  • Adds VST3 and VST3fx version for Mac and Windows.
  • Adds VSfx version for Mac.
  • Adds ASIO audio devices support on Windows.
  • Adds drag and drop to audio player.
  • Adds showing material name when hovering cursor over layer button.
  • Fixes VST2 only exposing some parameters to host.
  • Fixes render stalling problem when using network drives on Windows.
  • Fixes file browser not showing external drives.
  • Fixes empty window with some DAWs.
  • Attempts to fix crash with Studio One on Windows.
  • Attempts to fix interface not appearing in Maschine 2.
  • Attempts to fix audio problems with bluetooth playback devices.

To celebrate the release of VS 1.6.0 Imaginando is offering a 50% discount on the desktop and mobile versions of VS - Visual Synthesizer, 49.50€ (Reg. 99.00€).



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