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Intermorphic releases Mixtikl 5.1 Generative Music Mixer for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X


Intermorphic has released Mixtikl 5.1 Generative Music Mixer for Android, a unique combination of 12 track mixer, cell-sequencer, multiSynth, live FX and visualizer with word display allowing social sharing of "mixtikls", tweetable interactive generative music mixes that can include 140 characters of text and a range of visualization and display settings. Tweeted or email shared "mixtikls" can be played and enjoyed in the relevant variant of Mixtikl or Mixtikl Free.

There are already versions of Mixtikl 5 for Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

One of the biggest attractions of generative music is that you make it yourself - either to listen to, to generate ideas or simply for creative fun - and then maybe even share it. Extending the number of platforms Mixtikl runs on means that users can share their generative music mixes more widely, which in turn benefits the community of mixtikl creators.

In addition to delivering Android support in Mixtikl 5.1, Intermorphic has also uprated the existing User Interface for the new iPad and broadly improved landscape support, meaning it also looks much sharper on desktop.

Pete Cole and Tim Cole, the Intermorphic founders and brother team said "We decided to launch Mixtikl for Android exclusively via the Amazon Appstore because we know that Amazon are a highly respected retailer, they work very hard to make things easy for consumers and they have a great reach."

See Mixtikl 5 in action: Videos.

Detailed feature list for Mixtikl & Mixtikl Free variants: intermorphic.com/mixtikl/variants

  • Mixtikl 5.1 for Android 2.3+ is available in the Amazon App Store for $6.99.
  • Mixtikl 5.1 for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch is soon to be available in the App Store for $6.99.
  • Mixtikl 5.1 Free for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch is soon to be available in the App Store for free.
  • Mixtikl 5.1 for Mac is soon to be available in the Mac App Store for $19.99.
  • Mixtikl 5.1 Free for Mac is soon to be available in the Mac App Store for free.
  • Mixtikl 5.1 Desktop for Windows (30 day trial) and the Mixtikl 5.1 Desktop Audio Plug-ins for Windows / Mac (30 day trial of VSTi and [for Mac users] AU plug-ins for music sequencers) can be downloaded now from the Intermorphic website. $24.99 licences can be purchased from the Intermorphic store. Educational pricing is also available for products available via the Intermorphic store. Key Feature Additions / Changes

Mixtikl for Android:

  • This release brings Android support and the Android version is available exclusively (for now) through the Amazon Appstore for Android service.
  • Android version specific notes:
    • No mic recording yet.
    • No http connection for file sharing (and no iTunes sharing, obviously.).
    • No in-app purchase yet.
    • Tweet export doesn't use a built-in twitter client - just puts the mixtikl on the clipboard.
    • Runs at any screen size.
    • Builds are configured to have higher latency than iOS versions to cater for devices with lower performance; see Menu > Settings and Sample Frames/Block count if you want to experiment with achieving lower latency in the Visualiser mode.

Other Changes:

  • Cleaner, better looking UI that is also suitable for higher res devices such as the new iPad.
  • UI now works much better in landscape.
  • Smoother movement between screens.
  • Browser plugin now discontinued, and the app is used as a handler for mixtikls (which are URLs). This is more portable and future proof. As of this post mixtikls will only play with the Desktop / mobile app as a helper (as opposed to via the browser plugin as they did in the past). For desktop you will need to have Mixtikl + installed.
  • Bug fixes.


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