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Intermorphic announces Mixtikl and updates Noatikl to v1.5.0.10


Intermorphic has announced Mixtikl and updated Noatikl to v1.5.0.10 (a minor update featuring updated splash screen, icons and logos).

Coming later this year, Mixtikl is a fun, powerful & open music application for mobile & desktop. Mixtikl is based on the long awaited but never released miniMIXA V3. Mixtikl goes much further, though, as Intermorphic are adding new features and making it work with its other products. Mixtikl is a unique tool for making more ideas on the move.

Use Mixtikl to:

  • Capture/Mix/Work on content on the move on your mobile; finesse on desktop using plug-in later; move back to mobile whenever you want.
  • Use loops, MIDI, generative music and modular synthesis for your sound palette.
  • Perform music on your mobile with the powerful 'Perform' application.
  • Play generative music on your mobile, using the integrated Noatikl engine.
  • Create quick mixes, and mix and match sounds (yours, or in add-on Tiklpaks) with the 'Remix' application.
  • Pitch shift your loops and apply real-time FX.
  • Act as VST or AU plug-in in your VST/AU enabled sequencer.
  • Have fun making/mixing hi-quality music on your mobile.

The Software
Although not available yet, Mixtikl will come in a number of variants for both Windows and Mac OS X PCs, and mobile devices. More details on these and their feature mix will follow over the coming months.

For Windows and Mac OS X, there will be Audio Unit and VST plug-in versions as well as a stand-alone version.

For mobile, there will be versions at launch for Windows Mobile 5/6, followed by by versions for iPhone and iTouch, Series 60 V2/3, and Antix Game Player.

The Applications
Mixtikl features a number of applications for making and mixing music on the go. Further details will be provided later, but at launch these will include (subject to change):

  • Mixtikl Remixer - create, EQ and save a quick mix from up to 12 user selectable sound sources/loops, and apply FX.
  • Mixtikl Performer - create a more complex cell based mix with up to 12 tracks and four sections, and easily apply per track FX, pan and volume.
  • Mixtikl Player - Create and play a track list of mixes, pieces and recordings you have or have made.
  • Mixtikl Partikl-Synth - Edit Partikl synth sounds and patches directly, and create presets.
  • Mixtikl Partikl-FX - Edit Partikl FX and networks directly, and create presets.
  • Mixtikl Packager - Create custom DLS wavetables; bundle Ogg/Wav files, MIDI files, Noatikl files and other content together into a self contained "SKM" file.
  • Intermorphic plan to release many other applications later.

The Engines and Capabilities
In addition to a number of audio applications, Mixtikl includes the following engines and capabilities integrated under the hood:

  • Intermorphic Tikl - an advanced portable multimedia framework right at its core. Tikl delivers, amongst many things: an advanced mixing layer, support for Ogg vorbis and other audio files, and has its own 2D drawing capability.
  • Intermorphic Partikl - a multi-synth app that includes: a MIDI wavetable that supports 3rd party DLS wavetables and so can be used as a sampler; a full-feature, user configurable modular synth; and a range of chainable and modulatable FX including filter, EQ, chorus, reverb, overdrive, amplify, delay and more.
  • Intermorphic Noatikl - the trans-generative music engine that is the successor to Koan. Noatikl pieces can drive Partikl, and can provide beautiful ever-changing sound backdrops for mixes. For generative musicians, it means they can now take their generative pieces with them.
  • Intermorphic Optikl - primarily a visualiser engine today, but later on extending into other areas.
  • Intermorphic Tiklpaks - add-on content and extensions paks that contain loops, synth sounds, fx presets etc. Of course, Mixtikl still allows users to provide and use their own sounds (e.g. loops [WAV/Ogg], Partikl synth sounds, midi loops, Noatikl templates, etc.).
  • Mixtikl will also include other engines in due course, such as the Liptikl engine.

Mixtikl's Roots
Mixtikl is created by Pete Cole and Tim Cole, creators of the 2005 BAFTA-award winning SSEYO miniMIXA. For those interested, there is more history here.



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