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Intuitive Audio updates Chord Composer to v1.5 - Introducing Sounds, Guitar Mode and Chord Building

Intuitive Audio

Intuitive Audio has updated Chord Composer to Version 1.5 - a free update for existing users. The new update improves on existing MIDI and Chord Editing, and also introduces Sounds, Guitar Mode and Chord Building.

The Chord Composer now plays sounds, and comes with 30 different samples for users to compose with. You can still control your VST Instruments using the Chord Composer by re-routing the MIDI Output within your DAW.

Guitar Mode
The Chord Composer now has a Guitar Mode, which allows you to create Guitar MIDI Chord Progressions. You can also change the voicings of your Guitar Chords by changing the Fret Start Position or Drop Tuning.

Chord Builder
The Chord Builder is the first phase of MIDI Analysis introduced to the Chord Composer, and allows you to add or remove notes from the chords in the Piano Roll. The Chord Builder analyses the MIDI Notes within your chord, and tells you the Type, Inversion and Extra Notes, if a valid chord is found. For now, you can only create chords which fit the Key and Mode you are working on, but Modal Interchange Functionality will be introduced in a future update.




Discussion: Active
10 March 2021 at 1:45am

Where can I get the Chord Composer V.1.5 installer?

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