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iZotope Celebrates 15th Birthday with 64-bit Version of Free Vinyl Plug-in


iZotope has re-released Vinyl, their free vinyl simulation plug-in. By emulating the characteristics of vintage records and record players, Vinyl is designed for anyone looking to add the dirty, dusty feel of a different era to their sound.

The new version of Vinyl has been updated to support modern operating systems and audio editing software: the plug-in is now 64-bit compatible on both Mac and PC and supported formats now include AAX and VST3. Vinyl also features a new Spin Down button that simulates slowly stopping playback of a record, with results that can range from a dramatic "record stop" to a subtler nuance on an individual instrument. All of Vinyl's classic features allow a user to simulate the dust, scratches, crackles, pops, and warping of a worn record as well as the mechanical noises of a turntable. In addition, the Warp features are now available for use in all supported plug-in formats.

Price: Free - New customers may download Vinyl for free from the iZotope website. Customers who have downloaded previous versions of Vinyl will receive their free update details via email and within their iZotope Account.



Discussion: Active
2 February 2016 at 7:34pm

Finally... Thanks iZotope... Was missing this one very badly.

2 February 2016 at 10:01pm

Yes thanks but the serial number that is on my account page isn't working with Vinyl... the prompt from plugin indicates that the serial is attached to another account. Also when in demo mode it isn't passing audio. I would love to get this to work.

10 February 2016 at 10:31am

works fine here.

needs a spin up too :)

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