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NAMM 2017iZotope releases Ozone 7 Vintage Bundle, Neutron 1.01 update and Free Mixing Masterclass


iZotope has announced the Ozone 7 Vintage Bundle, a limited time only plug-in bundle that brings the warmth, depth, and punch of vintage analog gear to your mix and instrument busses.

Available until February 28 for $199, this plug-in bundle features the Vintage EQ, Vintage Tape, and Vintage Compressor plug-ins from Ozone 7 Advanced. Add dimension, color, and depth to your instrument or master bus with the classic sound of Vintage Tape. Shape and enhance your mixes with the smooth, pleasant curves of the Vintage EQ. Glue your instrument busses together with the musical and vibey Vintage Compressor.


Neutron 1.01
If you own Neutron or Neutron Advanced, the free Neutron 1.01 update includes:

  • CPU performance improvements of up to 20% when using certain features.
  • Improved accessibility support for Mac users, plus other visual enhancements.
  • Important bug fixes, including improvements to FL Studio compatibility and fixes to features like Track Assistant and Presets for customers using non-Latin alphabets.

Free Audio Mixing Masterclass
iZotope has launched a free five-part mixing tutorial series: Mix Resolutions: 10 Tips for Creating Better Mixes in 2017, hosted by Jonathan Wyner and Enrique Gonzalez Müller.

Each week, iZotope will send a new video to your inbox. You'll learn about topics like:

  • Week 1: Developing good mix habits.
  • Week 2: Balancing like a music lover, not like an engineer.
  • Week 3: Tackling gain staging and using reference recordings.
  • Week 4: Frequency distribution and preserving the musical balance.
  • Week 5: Defending the craft and knowing when your mix is done.

Sign up now to watch the first two weeks, then have the next three videos delivered right to your inbox.



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