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Jagernot releases DIN Is Noise 48 for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux


Jagernot has released DIN Is Noise 48 for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

In release 48, you can create drone pendulums based on number of drones instead of screen spacing, mute and unmute selected drones, convert pitched drones to noising drones or vice-versa; Zero and Reset gravity and Zero the velocity of drones. You can set Start and End angles for geometry > sound plugins on curve editor i.e., Circler, Rose_Milker and Lissajous, this lets you turn an arc of rose and lissajous curves into waveforms/envelopes/modulators; you can set Start, End points in Countries plugin on curve editors to turn an 'arc' of a 'country polygon' into waveform/envelope/modulator. On Sine_Mixer plugin, you can set Phase of each harmonic.

Other changes are found on the CHANGELOG



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