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JC Productionz releases Sonix v2.0 - Free Windows VSTi

JC Productionz

JC Productionz has upgraded the free Windows VST instrument Sonix to Version 2.0.

Sonix is a dual granulator which accepts stereo and mono audio signals. It accepts MIDI so it can be triggered with a MIDI keyboard or with the trigger button on the GUI.

Each granulator allows independent control of pitch, level, grain rate, grain size, phase, envelope and gliss. The user can selectively send MIDI to left in, right in or stereo and both granulators have level controls.

Sonix also features full automation of all controls with MIDI learn, and the grain rate of both granulators can be globally set to host sync.

New features:

  • Added 2nd granulator channel.
  • New GUI (graphic interface).
  • Panning on both channels, only on stereo audio track.
  • Added MIDI learn functionality on all controls.
  • Plug-in can now be triggered from MIDI.
  • Added trigger button to GUI.
  • Optional host sync added for grain rate.
  • Granulators can now be triggered in stereo mode or separately.
  • Overall grain level control added & mix capability.
  • Both granulator channels can be operated independently.
  • Right click MIDI learn on almost all controls.


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