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JSplash Apps updates Metronome M1 for Android to v3.0 (adds custom time signatures) and Tuner T1 for Android to v1.3

JSplash Apps

JSplash Apps has updated Tuner T1 to v1.3, a free app for Android that lets you tune any musical instrument (guitar, violin, viola, bass, piano, cello, flute and many more) with ease. It also comes with a handy Tone Generator that plays any musical note as reference for tuning.

Key features:

  • Simple to use with live pitch detection.
  • Extremely accurate (can be tuned to an accuracy of ±0.1 cents).
  • Tone generator that can generate reference tones over a note-range of 3 octaves.

JSplash Apps has also released Metronome M1 3.0, a free simple and accurate metronome for Android mobile devices.

New in version 3.0:

  • Metronome M1 now supports the ability to to set your own time signature. In addition to common time signatures like 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 etc., now you can set your own time signatures like 7/8, 13/16 etc.


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