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Jucetice releases Jost v0.4.4


Jucetice has released a new beta version of Jost (v0.4.4).

Jost is an open source multi-technology (native VST, LADSPA, DSSI) host for Linux. It will mainly host a chain of plugins per instance, publishing Jack and ALSA_seq ports in order to be connected in your main stream flow. This new release adds a VST version so it can now also be loaded within other Linux VST hosts.


  • Reorganized a bit the internal handling of classes (plugin mode will work, see below).
  • Added the VST version (works in jost itself; also energyXT2, but Renoise not).
  • Added bar/beat/ticks info on the toolbar.
  • Now jucetice is compiled as an external standalone library.
  • Added plugin/loop/buttons to toolbar.
  • Added facilities to configure/compile it with fewer commands.
  • Improved a bit the VST plugins initialization/de-initialization stuff.
  • Constantly aligning every plugin instance to JUCE AudioProcessor.
  • Now trying to lower a bit priority of the GUI to favour audio thread.
  • Fixed problem with LADSPA plugins not loading back session state.
  • Spotted a bug of a dangling pointer when deallocating the command manager in the editor.
  • Changed the default icon/colour theme.
  • Removed lash dependency (off by default).
  • Disabled osc support (via #define but isn't tested).


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