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JWP releases Sweet Spots - "Instrument Signature Band Shelf Targeting Type Channel Strip" for Windows VST3


JWP has released Sweet Spots, an "instrument signature band shelf targeting type channel strip".

Sweet Spots is a series of channel strips with instrument signature targeting band limited band shelves. The band shelves are between a stereo creator/stereo image modifier and a multi-band segmentor for controlling final tone, stereo spread with optional separate outputs routing.


  • Global:
    • Editing:
      • Clicking the name of a control switches to an editable parameter value to enter exact values.
    • Visual Feedback:
      • Frequency response graph for a visual of what the band shelves are affecting.
      • Input/output decibel meters on the pre and post screen with separate left/right and mid/side metering.
      • Editable band labels.
    • Else Gain:
      • When EQ mix bands are activated everything else's gain becomes controllable using this gain knob.
      • Great for instantly conditioning a instrument/sound.
    • Quality Of Life: Most knobs have right click menus for more control:
      • Reset.
      • Stepped Response.
      • Range Sensitivity.
      • Control Link. (inverse drive/trim and bandpass poles).
      • Note Based Targeting With The Ability To Set A Scale. (band shelf pitch).
      • View Frequency As Notes. (band shelf pitch).
  • Pre:
    • Pan Bands:
      • 5 bands ISO, 2/3 octave alternating panner by band. Changes/creates the stereo signal by panning different parts of the frequency.
    • Phase Change:
      • 3 band phase changer per stereo channel. Changes/creates the stereo signal by changing the phase of the left and right channel separately.
    • Stereo Imaging:
      • Individual left, right, pan, mid, side controls.
  • Saturator:
    • Exciters:
      • Per instrument signature band.
      • Mix control for parallel excitation.
      • Drive and trim are inverse link able with the right click menu having the options of 1/1,1/2,1/3,1/4.
      • 8 types of distortion.
  • EQs:
    • Band Shelves:
      • Cut or boost instruments' specific signatures "sweet spots".
      • Right click settings that include:
        • Pitch snap to 10s, 100s, 1000s.
        • Control the pitch with a non-linear response.
        • Note based frequency targeting for band shelves, with filtering by:
          • Harmonics.
          • Inharmonic.
          • Global set scale harmonics.
          • Global set scale inharmonics.
          • Not global set scale harmonics.
          • Not global set scale inharmonics.
    • Band Pass:
      • Band limited instrument signature for band shelf targeting.
      • Constrained width.
      • Separate controls for the high and low slopes of the instrument signature bands.
      • Poles are link able with right click menu.
  • Post:
    • Segmentor:
      • 3 Band segmentor.
      • Exclusive stereo spread control for each band.
      • Output routing for each band to affect only targeted frequency range.
      • Output gain control per band.
      • Mute per band.

Sweet Spots is a VST3 64-bit plug-in developed in SynthEdit 1.4. The audio plug-in was tested on Windows 10 in FL Studio 21. The demo inserts silence and is unlockable with a registration key.

The prices are based on packs and are in Canadian dollars:

  • Individual: $10.
  • Band Pack: $120.90 (Save 7%).
  • Orchestral Pack: $176.70 (Save 7%).
  • Complete Pack: $278.40 (Save 13%).


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