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Kawa updates "kawaChord2" to v2.10a (Windows and Mac OS X)


Kawa has updated kawaChord2 to version 2.10a. This update adds an Advanced Mode and searching chords functions (Windows and Mac OS X).

The kawaChord2 plug-in is designed to be handy for quickly entering chord tones (MIDI notes) without the knowledge of every chord tones of each chord.

The Advanced mode added in v2.10a is able to check for chord progressions by sticking chord info to each button. The Advanced mode is also able to generate random chord progressions.

Searching Chords Functions: v2.10a is able to search chords which are contained in set musical scales. It is useful when finding chords from melody or tonality.

Update Detail: v2.06 ~ v2.10a:

  • Added: Advanced mode.
  • Added: Chord search panel in advanced mode.
  • Added: 11 scales for chord search panel.
  • Added: Show popup menu when some buttons clicked.
  • Update: Step sequencer preset file version.
  • Improved: Behavior of chord calculation.
  • Improved: Behavior of save/load Preset.
  • Improved: Some graphics icons.
  • Improved: Some minor functions.
  • Support: Audio Units as "MIDI Effect Plugin".
  • Updated: PDF manuals.
  • Updated: JUCE version to 5.11.
  • Update: PDF manuals.

Examples Uses:

  • Quick play and check chords tones.
  • Rough sketch of chord progressions.
  • Writing chord progressions according to tonality.
  • Searching chords by musical scales.
  • Generate chord progressions with Randomly.

Price: $50.00. A Free version is available, which only offers Triads chords.

More Documents and Animation GIF preview: Here.
PDF Manual: English (Direct link).
PDF v2.05 Additional Manual: English (Direct link).
PDF v2.10a Additional Manual: English (Direct link).



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