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Kemper releases Profiler OS 6.0 - "Big Studio Machine" - Grade Reverb Effects


Kemper has released Profiler OS 6.0 for the acclaimed Kemper Profiler. The new version completes the "big studio machine"-grade reverb effects cycle, designed to make the unique and creative sound design reverbs Ionosphere and Formant Reverbs available to all owners of a Kemper Profiler for free.

Formant Reverb adds formant filters to the existing Profiler Cirrus Reverb to give the reverb tail more color, and a very distinctive, choir-like sound. The main purpose of the Formant Reverb, however, is not to create a realistic choir sound, but to give it a certain character, making it sound more like a synthesizer or Mellotron. The formants also help the reverb cut through the mix, even at moderate volume levels.

The Ionosphere Reverb is based on the existing Profiler Cirrus Reverb and Profiler Formant Reverb. Featuring the finest pitch and shimmer reverbs, it builds on the concept and takes it to brand new territories. Two crystal pitch shifters are embedded into the reverb, allowing to create effects akin to orchestral strings and synth-like sounds.

In contrast to regular shimmer reverbs, the Ionosphere Reverb comprises an advanced signal structure that allows for pitch buildup settings independent of the reverb time setting. This allows to create gentle buildups, or even steady pitch shifts, with long reverb times that don't build up.

Version 6.0 of the Kemper Profiler OS is available immediately and for free from the Kemper Website.




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