Kilohearts offers 50% off Ensemble, Filter, Reverb and Distortion (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin)

February 9, 2020

Kilohearts is offering 50% off their Ensemble, Filter, Reverb and Distortion effects (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin) for two weeks.

The Ensemble effect, $14.50 (reg. $29), creates the illusion of many voices playing in unison. Much like a chorus, it creates this effect by playing delayed copies of the incoming sound. On top of this, it modulates the phases of each voice to create a silky smooth result without any metallic flanging. The delay times for each voice are also modulated in order to detune each voice slightly.

The Distortion effect, $14.50 (reg. $29), is a versatile distortion effect with a wide selection of algorithms.

The Filter effect, $9.50 (reg. $19), provides a selection of common filters.

The Reverb effect, $19.50 (reg. $39), adds the sense of space to any sound by emulating the sound bouncing off the walls in a physical room.

Kilohearts Snapins are regular effects that work as standalone plugins as well as modules in Kilohearts' Snapin Hosts; Phase Plant (a unique hybrid modular synthesizer), Multipass (a multiband multi-fx processor) and Snap Heap (a free serial/parallel multi-fx processor). Snapins can be purchased individually or in bundles. All previously owned snapins contribute to further discounts on the bundles.



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