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Kilohearts offers 50% off Phase Distortion, Comb Filter, Compressor, and Ladder Filter (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin)

August 10, 2020

Kilohearts is offering 50% off their Phase Distortion, Comb Filter, Compressor, and Ladder Filter effects (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin) for two weeks.

The Phase Distortion effect, now $19.50 (reg. $39), distorts the signal by offsetting the phases of the individual harmonics of the input signal. The amount of phase offset is controlled by the signal itself, much like FM feedback.

The Comb Filter effect, now $9.50 (reg. $19), will mix the signal with a delayed version of itself, creating a filter with repeated troughs and peaks across the spectrum.

The Compressor effect, now $14.50 (reg. $29), will even out the audio volume by lowering the volume when the signal is loud.

The Ladder Filter effect, now $14.50 (reg. $29), simulates low pass filters found in classic hardware synths.

Kilohearts effects will work as standalone plugins but really shine when combined as Snapin modules in Kilohearts Snapin Hosts; Phase Plant (a unique hybrid semi-modular synthesizer), Multipass (a multiband multi-fx processor) and Snap Heap (a free serial/parallel multi-fx processor). Kilohearts plugins can be purchased individually or in bundles. Already owned plugins can contribute to further discounts on bundle upgrades.



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