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Kirnu - Cream - MIDI Performer for Win & Mac VST Now Available for Pre-order

Kirnu Interactive

The successor of Kirnu, called Kirnu - Cream - MIDI Performer, is now available for pre-ordering and will be released at the end of February, 2013.

Everyone who pre-orders is able to take part in a closed beta test.

Kirnu - Cream MIDI performer

Kirnu Cream is a powerful MIDI performer VST plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X. It works on both 32- and 64-bit systems. Cream is intended to be used in live and offline DAW usage.

With Cream it's very easy to create catching lead parts, bouncing bass lines, swinging drums and lots of other cool stuff. Cream isn't like a traditional MIDI arpeggiator or sequencer. With a simple design it has been made easy to learn and operate. You can create performances easily by tweaking only a couple of controls.


  • 4 independent tracks which can be assigned to different key range and MIDI in/out.
  • 12 patterns per track.
  • Control Zone for changing most important parameters via external keyboard or MIDI events.
  • Free rate tweaking. Now rate can be changed also in hertz.
  • Chord memory with 16 independent memory slots.
  • Pattern sequencer for automated sequencing.
  • Sample accurate MIDI engine.
  • MIDI learn for all knob controls.
  • Note release functionality which enables more smooth live playing.
  • New preset system.
  • Copy/paste functionality.
  • Complete new pattern step data section:
    • New tool section enables easy data editing.
    • All data sections are independent from each other.
    • Data sections can be looped with several different loop modes.
    • CHRDMEM section enables different chords to be used in every step.
    • SEQ section enables sequencing the notes.
    • 8 CC controls in each pattern.
  • And lots of more...

A lot more is planned for upcoming releases, inlcuding:

  • New improved preset system.
  • AU version.
  • Undo support.
  • More presets.
  • More detailed randomize functionality.
  • ...even more.

You can pre-order for 25€ now at www.kirnuarp.com



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