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Kuassa releases "Amplifikation Lancaster" with Intro Offer


Amplifikation Lancaster VST, VST3, AU, AAX, Standalone Version
VST, VST3, AU, AAX, Standalone Version

Kuassa has released a new guitar amp simulator inspired by the British' Vox Amplifiers called Amplifikation Lancaster, the fourth product in Kuassa's range of Guitar Amp Simulator products which utilizes their 3rd generation of circuit modeling technology, claimed to give a satisfying dynamic response from the amp tone generated.

Kuassa says:

This time, Kuassa is taking one step further in translating the inspirations of Vox Amplifiers to recreate its original tone and feel throughout the decades, making distinct sounds from the 70's, 90's and late 2000's accessible for users. In addition, a parallel signal path from the normal and top boost channel similar with the jumpered mod gives the amp more mojo from the tone sought after by many guitarists. A treble booster pedal FX is also included giving the plugin a total modern incarnation of the original hardware setup.

Powered by the third generation of our proprietary circuit-matching technology, we went extra miles in the DSP department to make sure that Lancaster can give the best guitar playing experience for guitarists who already experienced the tone of AC30.

For more than 50 years, the Vox AC30 went through many incarnations, setups, and models throughout its history. We took three of their most distinguishable tones and compiled them into a single plugin.

Key Features:

  • New: Range Master Style Treble Booster: Inseparable with the AC30's tone. Modified to fully match the Lancaster's tone.
  • New: Parallel signal path for the Normal Channel and Top Boost Channel. Use both channels simultaneously, similar to 'jumpered' Vox AC30.
  • 3 amp types, taken from different eras of Vox AC30s:
    • Lancaster A: Late 2000's AC30. Breaks up and overdrives early. Raw and raucous.
    • Lancaster B: 1990s Limited Edition AC30. Fat and slightly compressed. Sounds thick with overdrive or distortion.
    • Lancaster C: Modified 1970s AC30. Cleaner sound with big headroom, instantly recognizable for that loud jangly tone.
  • Sag and Bias feature on the power amp section.
  • Low pass and high pass filters.
  • Five types of cabinets with impulse responses taken from genuine Vox combo amps.
  • Seven types of workhorse mics: Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD421, Sennheiser MD441, C&T Naked Eye, Royer 121, AKG C414, Neumann TLM103.
  • Freely adjustable dual-miking configurations with mono or stereo configuration, just like a real-life guitar recording session with mix option.
  • Built-in Noise Gate and Limiter.
  • New top view interface for lifelike guitar playing experience.
  • Straightforward and easy to use interface.
  • Supports up to 8x Oversampling.
A360 Modules version

Amplifikation Lancaster is available as VST, VST3, Audio Unit, AAX, A360 modules (available in the Amplifikation 360 v1.0.5 update), and as Standalone App, while the Rack Extension version will be released soon after.

Amplifikation Lancaster is available now for purchase through their website and selected resellers at the intro price of $25 (valid for purchases until August 22nd, 2021. Normal Price: $49). It's also the latest addition for their Amplifikation 360 Bundle thus it is also available for free for complete A360 Bundle owners.

Users can also upgrade Kuassa amps and effects they own into the complete Amplifikation 360 Bundle and get Lancaster at their member area.

Amplifikation Lancaster Release Video: YouTube/DJrjEgdPm4Q

Amplifikation Lancaster Audio Demo (Plug-in): SoundCloud.com/kuassa/sets/amplifikation-lancaster

Amplifikation Lancaster Audio Demo (Amplifikation 360): SoundCloud.com/kuassa/sets/amplifikation-lancaster-a360-demos

Amplifikation Lancaster Video Demo: YouTube.com/playlist?list=PL6bPjIsr-QJhsB1Wu5AF40-yj_3uPvmLX



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