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KVR Developer Challenge 2012KVRDC12: Lively Audio Maxwell Smart - Maximizer / Brickwall Limiter

Lively Audio

We are now in the download and voting stage of the KVR Developer Challenge 2012. This news item features an entry called Maxwell Smart by Lively Audio. You can download it for free here.

Here's what they say about it:

Maxwell Smart is an intelligent and transparent loudness maximizer / brickwall limiter with look-ahead. It has fully automated sound characteristics and it's designed to maintain transients without audible distortion, even on the difficult low frequencies. It also has clever inter-sample peak detection (similar to oversampling) to avoid true peaks from hard clipping.


  • Controllable threshold and ceiling (0dB ... -24dB).
  • 2.7ms look-ahead (latency compensated).
  • Automated settings controlling peaks and average levels separately.
  • Inter-sample peak detection.
  • All sample rates supported.


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