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KVR Developer Challenge 2012KVRDC12: The Penultimate Stopover The Penultimate Trilogy

The penultimate stopover

We are now in the download and voting stage the KVR Developer Challenge 2012. This news item features an entry called The Penultimate Trilogy by The Penultimate Stopover. You can download it for free here.

Here's what they say about it:

The Penultimate Trilogy is a compilation in three chapters of two loop libraries in ACID and Apple loop format, and a library of exotic impulse response and in fact, this quite versatile library is nothing but a compilation of the most atypical of my works as a sound designer and contains:

  1. A first library in Apple Loops format of inharmonic sequences mainly inspired by west-African traditional musics, tailored exclusively in complex signatures : 6/8, 9/8, 12/8. I called it "Subsaharian Ethnotronics".
  2. Another library in ACID format of harmonized soundscapes that are focused on specific types of scales: all harmonized background soundscapes without any rhythmic pulsations, ... that can be adjusted by the user into the tonality of his choice, mainly for improvisation, but potentially also arrangement and composition. I called it "Marred Waters".
  3. A Updated and Down-sampled version (16/44.1) of a library of exotic Impulse Responses created from scratch, also based on specific types of scales and tonalities. (The original version, by pure coincidence (?) has BTW been published under DBU signature, down at this page). I called it "Deep Spaces Light".

Here some songs of demonstration: soundcloud.com/perbuatan1883



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