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KVR Developer Challenge 2021KVRDC21: Evil Sound Lab The King - Free Distortion Pedal for Windows VST

Evil Sound Lab

With the KVR Developer Challenge 2021 at the download and voting stage it's time to focus on each of the 37 entries that are available now, for free, for everyone.

The King by Evil Sound Lab
Windows VST

The King is a high-gain distortion pedal based on the brand-new schematic.

Our goals were to reject conservative guitar pedal controls and to implement sound design tricks and mixing approaches in the one plug-in to give the user most flexible tweaks from guitar sound perspective. Ideally, we would be happy if you needed The King and your lovely cabinet IR only to get mixed-ready guitar sound.

We thought about hi-gain guitar sound in the mix and production, but driven from schematic designs of various studio and guitar devices. So this plug-in is an accurate math model for our frankenschema. Let me introduce you his parts:

  • Destiny this way we call a pre-distortion emphasis peak filter with tunable frequency to manage the distortion structure. Actually, most of the distortion pedals have such kind of filter with some fixed specific frequency. But you could moving this knob you would find that it changes sound drastically, and it allows to get whole range from hard-grained fuzzy blues sound (on the left side of the knob) to a mellow modern rock tone (on the right one), and all variations in between. And you can play this card with The King. Also, it's possible to switch on the another one emphasis dip filter after distortion unit with the same frequency and intensity, but mirrored, and in this case you will get distortion density in selected range, but without frequency response imbalance. Play this game and choose your destiny.;
  • Low and high turn these knobs counter-clockwise to get classic pedal tone lift with envelop sense OR turn clockwise for focusing tone: it enhances pleasant resonances through decreasing interfering frequencies;
  • Air mimics the leakage of electric guitar strings into a condenser microphone. It may give sparkling overtones to your rhythm parts and can add articulation accents to the heaviest gain flat notes. It also has a brother - air saturation knob - just to warm the air up for a bit;
  • Mid character toggle. Gives three sound options: smiley curve to get scooped rhythm guitar sound, nasal raise to 1.5 kHz which can help your solo to cut through busy mix and of course neutral tone with flat middle frequency response;
  • Last not the least, two EQ knobs to help keeping muddy and harshly frequencies in line or adding warmth and presence depends on the case. See if these two guys will help you mix your guitar sound without additional equalizers in the chain, fingers crossed.

Also plug-in supports:

  • some fine-tuning tweaks for features described above;
  • oversampling mode to enhance the precision of signal processing;
  • Mono/stereo modes;
  • Input and output volume controls, etc. that's boring...

The King is a pure King of Distortion in your DAW right after YOU.

Download, vote & donate at



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