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KVR Developer Challenge 2021KVRDC21: ZEEK STFU - Free Sidechainer Plugin for MacOS & Windows VST3 & AU


With the KVR Developer Challenge 2021 at the download and voting stage it's time to focus on each of the 37 entries that are available now, for free, for everyone.

Windows & MacOS, VST3 & AU

Make your audio STFU.

STFU is a super quick to use sidechainer that can be automatically sync'd to host BPM or triggered by MIDI and it's always sample accurate. Using MIDI trigger, you can overcome limitations of synth volume envelopes for a myriad of purposes.

STFU can also output CV for use with lots of hosts and modular plugins.

And crossfade between 2 different envelopes for all sorts of cool stuff.

Download, vote & donate at



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